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Do NOT call an exterminator until you call us first!  Servicing Toronto and surrounding areas our specially trained bed bug detection dogs are NADDA certified!

North American Detector Dog Association certification is recognized as one of the highest achievable standards in the world and is accepted as the worldwide gold standard in canine bed bug detection training.

A human bed bug inspection is time consuming and often inaccurate. Our specially trained K-9 teams are capable of pinpointing exactly where the bed bugs are hiding - Quickly!

Our bed bug dog inspections are extremely accurate in detecting bed bugs and their eggs! Our bed bug inspection dog handlers are also Licensed Exterminators! 

Our bed bug sniffing dog inspection teams are highly trained, discreet and have an extremely high accuracy rate. If you suspect that you may have bed bugs in Toronto, you need to know quickly... Our K-9 bed bug inspection team will give you your answer on the spot - it's that simple!

If you suspect that you have bed bugs you need to know fast! Fast, accurate, professional bed bug detection in Toronto.


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